Transforming Lives

How we are empowering communities and transforming lives in the DRC

Building Schools, Building Futures

Through our school building projects, we are providing safe learning spaces and increasing access to quality education for children across rural communities.

Spreading Hope Through Houses of Worship

By constructing churches, we are providing spaces for communities to gather, grow in faith, and experience the love and healing power of Christ.

Strengthening Communities from Within

Through community outreach programs, we support local needs and empower people to lift each other up. By addressing challenges together, our initiatives help communities fulfill their potential and thrive.

David’s House

David’s House supports improving livelihoods through sustainable agriculture techniques and animal production practices, as well as growing and developing the local church.

Our Initiatives


Literacy For Children.

This encompasses building schools, toilet buildings and water wells. This also includes emphasis on religious instruction so that students and their familes may be drawn to Christ.
The Jane Wise School was built in 2017 in the village of Kasenga. The Mwangaza School was completed in 2023 in the village of Kasenga. The Mfuta school will be built during 2023-24 in the village of Mfuta.


Teaching Sustainable Practices.

The goal is to help every person in the community obtain the best results in their plant and animal production. “Animals” cover goats, turkeys, chickens and eggs. And “plants” include
“super plants”, such as moringa, amaranth and neem which provide multiple health benefits where traditional medicine may not be available. There is no need to separate the work with animals from the work with plants. All fall under the category of sustainable practices.


Working With Pastors.

This may include providing resources, and supplemental training through David’s House. We’ve also rebuilt or replaced
most of the church buildings in the district over the past 10 years.

Partner with Us

Together, we can make a lasting impact in the lives of the people of Kasenga.

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