Bwalya’s Story

Love’s Light

Sharing God’s love through sustainable growth practices and spiritual ministry in the DRC

Bwalya Kileya

“I’m a simple man and I live a simple life. I see people drawn into faith through Nuru Ya Mapendo. Others see our joy in the work and they want to know where this comes from. They want to know what pushes us to always do our best, no matter how difficult the problems. They see
the simple gift of an antibiotic to a baby and Jesus saves a life. They see that because we trust in Jesus that we are able to share the food that God has provided and we don’t go hungry. They see how the miracle of a classroom can provide a future for their children who will be able to read and
write. They hear a Bible story their child has learned in school and they are curious to learn more about Jesus.

The people in the district are attracted to visit churches because the buildings are no longer falling down or have leaking roofs. NYM has repaired or rebuilt all the Methodist churches in the district (sixteen). This means that the church members can do their ministry instead of worrying about their church falling down in the rain. Hope is given to many because they see that nothing is impossible with God. I love my work.” (Note: Bwalya is the Operations Mgr at NYM and began working with us in 2013 as a volunteer.)

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