Saying Goodbye..

Tomorrow will be the day that the keys to the house are turned over to the new owners.

Friends appeared at my doorstep last night after work and offered to help me clear the basement of empty boxes, remove the final bags of trash, and load their cars with the few remaining boxes. How God blesses us with such undeserved love!

Someone asked me if I needed a moment before we locked the doors to say good-bye to my house. Two days earlier I had asked myself that question. This place had been the home where our family had lived the longest period of time. It was a place holding precious memories, love and laughter, and hopes for the future.

I responded to this friend that God in his grace had prepared me for this time. When I “neutralized” the house to prepare it for sale, it was no longer “ours”. I slowly stripped away wallpaper, and with each stroke He slowly stripped away my attachment to this special place.

Our life, when we are in God’s hands, is a constant state of preparation. He has used my whole life experience as preparation for this time. He used the sale of my home to prepare me for letting go. He leaves me with the dream of a new life, one filled to overflowing with His love. His love will overflow to others that He has placed in my path. He will bless both the giving and the receiving. How can one be sad for such a gift?

As I walk out the door, I am filled with deep love and affection for my God, love and gratitude for my family and friends, and a heart filled with joy and hope.

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