Covered Eyes

I have been asking many people to “pray” during the inspection process for my house. The house is finally under contract, and most people know ANYTHING can happen during the inspection process. With a 100+ year old house, you never know what might show up! Friends were sharing both horror stories and surprises with me from their own experience. I became worried about it and asked people to pray.

I was told to expect a general inspection and a termite inspection. The general inspection found very few concerns, but a few (disconnected) knob and tube wires from the original wiring generated a request for an electrical inspection. The electrical inspection generated an additional list, but all but 2 of the requests were unfounded since the knob and tube wiring was no longer active nor a safety hazard.

The termite inspector found no termites, even though I had heard from surrounding neighbors that from time to time they had been seen in the neighborhood.

The sum of the inspections yielded 2 small electrical jobs and tightening down a toilet.

I had prayed for God to “cover the eyes” of the inspectors as they walked through and around my house. Some friends criticized me for this.

You decide…did God answer prayers? I choose to decide that He covered the entire process, and that the results are truly one of His miracles!

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