Bishop’s Approval

DS Pastor Sylvain has been trying since July to meet with Bishop Katembo. Today he had his opportunity and he wrote this to me:

I went to meet the bishop and his assistant, rev. Shebele. With the bishop I told him about your visit and the joy of the people in my district to work with you. I told him every thing that is happening these days. I also told him about your determination and joy to serve God with the people of the Kasenga district.

I did not forget telling him about the import step of you selling your own house for the Lord’s sake. He was touched by your deed. In addition, I told him about the construction that we are about to begin, and about the storage house we have built.

The bishop was just looking at me quietly, with a smile. He was very happy to hear about what is happening in the district of Kasenga. He said, he is going to support you for you have come to build the church of God. He assured me, that you have his support. I was very happy to see his joy. It is an important fact in our mission if we can have the support of the bishop. He aslo said, he will come and see us in Kasenga.

God again shows us His plan to move the ministry forward. So blessed!

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