Thanksgiving in the DRC

Happy Thanksgiving!

Stores are open in Lubumbashi for business, and commuters have flooded the taxis as usual for their morning commute. There is nothing remarkable about this day here. It is going to be hot- the usual cool and soft breeze was missing this morning and no rain last night; it will probably be in the 90s this afternoon. No family, no special dinner being prepared, and no football games will be on TV (even “football” here, which is soccer). So what do I have to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day?

I was promised to see the truck today, however it was not driven from the border; that promise will fall through yet again. I actually dreamed last night of the praise that I would give to God if it arrived on Thanksgiving Day (does that count??) I am told now that the container and the truck will clear together on Saturday. We will see…

I am thankful for my family at home and my church family who have been so loving and supportive during this time of agonized waiting. I am thankful for my God who through His grace has given me the strength to endure all the trials, corruption, and lies in the waiting- the God who says in Isaiah 26 that He will “keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in Him.”

I am thankful for the team that God has formed to run Nuru Ya Mapendo. He is working in us as we wait for the container, growing us in Christ, and growing us in love and respect for each other. Each of us realizes that NYM will not succeed without each of the team members. I would never be successful in the DRC without locals to assist me, as I will never be “African” no matter how much I love the African people! Their counsel and advice is indispensible to me. Likewise, we would not succeed without the connection of the District Superintendent to the church network and pastors. Same is true related to the experience and training of the local Operations Manager in African (local) agricultural practices. Just like the church Body, God has gifted each of us uniquely to contribute and serve Him. None of us had ever planned or visioned this partnership. But God planned it from the beginning. Together we marvel at His wisdom and give him praise each day.

Every day should be Thanksgiving! We have a God who loves us- so much that he sacrificed his own son so that we would not have to pay the price for our own sin. How can we dare go a day without thanking Him for this unspeakable gift?? I may not be able to enjoy a turkey dinner, but I have the promise of turkey for 2014 (the gift of a pair of turkeys for NYM soon) . I may not be with my family on this holiday, but I have the promise of eternal life with the family of God!

Thank you Father for so many blessings…

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