Pastor Manda

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Pastor Manda:

Thank you so much our missionary, Mom Jane Wise. We are so happy to welcome you. We do not have words to express our joy. We could not believe what the DS was telling us that God has given us a missionary. We all were doubting but today it is true. The dream has become a reality! You are the first missionary to show us such kind of love by visiting us. You are the first with the DS. Rev. Sylvain to enter our church and this village, Thank you very much. He kept repeating: God bless you, God bless you and he burst into tears. He added that, God has remembered us by giving us a missionary. We were forsaken, neglected, abandoned but today God has seen us and shown us His love through mom Jane wise.We thank DS Pastor Sylvain for all of the work that he is doing despite great obstacles.

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