New Friends, New Futures

Just completed an intense 4 days in United Methodist Volunteer Missionary Training conducted by GBGM (General Board of Global Ministries) at Garrett Seminary in Envanston, IL. Some material was familiar, but learned a lot of new things and continue to “process” all of the cultural differences that will be coming my way in the next few years. It’s so diffcult to force ourselves to think outside our little “box” that we have created in our individualistic society. I’m sure it’s easier for the younger generation, as the world has become so much smaller with heightened technology. I enjoy learning from them, my attempt to keep life “fresh” and “new”.

Best part of the week was the bonding of our class, the variety of backgrounds, the diversity of cultures represented, and the understanding which comes from sharing the deepest part of ourselves. These are Kingdom-Growers, and a smile comes to my face each time I think about them. I fill with anticipation for what God will do with each life, because like me they are passionate to make a difference. And we know that if we have even made a difference in the life of just one, it will have been worth the journey. God is smiling, and He is pleased. I can’t wait to follow each one and learn how their lives are shaped, are grown, and are used to touch others!

So here’s to you, Mama Bear Go Team- fill yourselves with the One who sent you, and release the love and power of he risen Jesus Christ out into a lonely and hurting world. May He protect you physically, spiritually and emotionally as He leads you into greater things than you ever dreamed possible. Mungu amibariki (May God bless you), Jane

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