First Day in the DR Congo

I want to thank you all so much for praying for me this past week. It has been an incredible testimony to the power of prayer. I breezed through Johannesburg airport this morning and had no problem with my temporary visa.

I have an absolutely AWESOME team here in DRC. Each is uniquely and especially gifted. When they come together as a team, it is a sight to behold!

As I walked off the plane, there were 3 members of the Bishop’s team there to welcome in addition to Sylvain (2 more sons, Eric and Franck joined us inside). Before even hitting customs, I was handed an original copy of the visa. I was processed in just a few minutes to obtain a new visa, picked up my carry-on bag and we were on our way!

Before leaving the airport, I was able to see the Wings of the Morning plane in the hanger. It is really pretty amazing.

Outside the airport, we proceeded to a government building where I filled out numerous forms, provided passport photos, and was fingerprinted not once- but twice! (At Sylvain’s notation, I was now “African-colored”!) After a 48 hour wait period, the courier will be heading to Kinshasa to obtain the missionary resident visa. We all need to pray that it is processed as quickly as possible in order to process the container through customs. (Good news is that today I was notified that the container is delayed another 3 days, so both ends of the process are working.)

After fingerprints, I was taken to the guest house where we filled out several more forms that were needed for the visa that will be picked up tomorrow morning. The team working with me have such clout that the vice-chancellor told one of the team today that if there are any problems that we should give him a call! I truly cannot believe some days what God has done in my midst; I am so blessed!

I was informed that yesterday the government “changed hands” (whatever that means) and many who work for the government fear loss of their jobs. I have to say, no one at the airport looked very happy today. Banks and businesses were shut down as a result, but I am told that they should re-open tomorrow. We exchanged money the “usual” Congolese way- in the street! (I send my sons…)

I closed the day with my African family, we viewed photos of my new home in Kasenga, shared a meal as communion, and offered many prayers of thanksgiving for His mercy and grace.

As I close encased in my mosquito netting for the night, I thank you again for your prayers. My daughters and I testify to you that IT WORKS and IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE! My blessing for tonight is that I located 2 fans in the guest house and have a lovely breeze, and hopefully a wonderful night’s sleep.

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