The Perfect Gift

What a perfect gift I received for my birthday- an English-French-Swahili dictionary! Did you know that Swahili is spoken by over 50 million people? And of that group, the most common second language is French. May I share with you a Swahili proverb from the book? “La kunvunda halina ubani”. This means “There is no […]

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After a break visiting family in TX, it’s time to begin an arduous process of paperwork. First to file this weekend to become a corporation. Followed by an even greater task of filing for non-profit status. And somewhere in the month will also be the application process to become approved as a Volunteer Missionary. Even

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Covered Eyes

I have been asking many people to “pray” during the inspection process for my house. The house is finally under contract, and most people know ANYTHING can happen during the inspection process. With a 100+ year old house, you never know what might show up! Friends were sharing both horror stories and surprises with me

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Bishop’s Approval

DS Pastor Sylvain has been trying since July to meet with Bishop Katembo. Today he had his opportunity and he wrote this to me: I went to meet the bishop and his assistant, rev. Shebele. With the bishop I told him about your visit and the joy of the people in my district to work

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Funds for Training

God’s blessings flow! A grant has been received for the ministry to provide for my training as a Volunteer Missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM) and also with ECHO. All of this valuable information will be used to benefit the District of Kasenga. I am so excited about the work that God

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Saying Goodbye..

Tomorrow will be the day that the keys to the house are turned over to the new owners. Friends appeared at my doorstep last night after work and offered to help me clear the basement of empty boxes, remove the final bags of trash, and load their cars with the few remaining boxes. How God

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Amazed Again!

My house sold today and I am so amazed at God’s hand in this process. His love and grace saturate every moment of my days. The buyers and I could not come to a price last week, and so I walked away. I scheduled an open house with the realtor. They must have seen the

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God is Very Busy!

The past eleven days have been a whirlwind of activity. The inspections on the house have been completed and are acceptable, the closings have taken place, family and friends have gathered around me at the last days to help finish packing, and the movers have come, loaded the truck, and delivered my belongings to the

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