Do No Harm

If you love someone, you will never do them wrong; to love, then, is to obey the whole Law.-Romans 13:9-10 I’ve been in Lubumbashi now 2 weeks, waiting for my container and truck to clear the border and move to the Kasenga District of the DRC. Because of the financial hardship caused by SAA in

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Thanksgiving in the DRC

Happy Thanksgiving! Stores are open in Lubumbashi for business, and commuters have flooded the taxis as usual for their morning commute. There is nothing remarkable about this day here. It is going to be hot- the usual cool and soft breeze was missing this morning and no rain last night; it will probably be in

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The Art of “Dodging”

Living in Africa requires some special skills when navigating the metropolis of Lubumbashi, a city of 1.2 million. As with many metropolitan areas, infrastructure has not kept up with growth, particularly in the areas of traffic, electricity and water. The number of cars has increased dramatically, but so has the number of pedestrians! Without proper

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New Friends, New Futures

Just completed an intense 4 days in United Methodist Volunteer Missionary Training conducted by GBGM (General Board of Global Ministries) at Garrett Seminary in Envanston, IL. Some material was familiar, but learned a lot of new things and continue to “process” all of the cultural differences that will be coming my way in the next

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A Miracle!

As busy as Bishop Katembo’s office is, his formal request for a missionary was sent today to GBGM; praise the Lord! At the same time, I was informed that I can enroll for Volunteer Missionary training in Chicago in April 2013. I am excited for what God will teach me, and happy to meet others

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